Integrate design and manufacturing processes

Companies today have the need to integrate design and manufacturing departments to reduce engineering costs, time waste, and improve the business processes and in the enterprise. The adapter bridges the gap between the CAD and the IFS ERP environment.  

Easily check-in your product data to IFS through simple and intuitive UI

IFS CAD Adapter supports for integration of Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks software suites. The solution is integrated in the CAD application user interface, providing to the users simplified, uninterrupted work, without the need to leave design environment when uploading data to the IFS ERP system. By using IFS Document management and IFS parts modules, CAD Adapter maps the data from the CAD world into the IFS world, uploading models to IFS, creating parts structure and BOM data.  

Key features

• Checking in and checking out models from the IFS
• Searching for the models in IFS directly from the CAD software, without the need to leave UI
• Creating Bill of Materials of the assembly
• Creating viewables of different formats for the models while checking the models into IFS
• Perform Approval process from within the CAD UI (Inventor and SolidWorks) and prepare the model to release
• Adding manufacturing information (manufacturer and manufacturer’s part number) to the IFS documents
• Ability to keep journal notes

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