ETRAGE Model Clean-Up Utilities™ (MCU) for Windchill®

Clean, correct and resolve Windchill migration issues

Today’s business demands that extending, enhancing and streamlining product design and engineering dataflow be trouble-free. ETRAGE Model Clean-Up Utilities (MCU) for Windchill alleviates issues involved in automating and migrating product design and engineering models to Windchill.

ETRAGE Model Clean-Up Utilities cleans, corrects and resolves the process of migrating Pro/ENGINEER® models from Pro/INTRALINK® 3.X to Windchill. It can also operate on models managed by Windchill. MCU eliminates issues of multiple parameter names or types and ensures consolidation to a consistent configuration for all models.

Mitigate and reduce automation model migration

ETRAGE Model Clean-Up Utilities (MCU) Key Features:

MCU can add items to a layer, create a new layer, rename layers, and delete layers. It can also be configured to verify that all instances of a family table can be regenerated and to add parameters types to a family table.

  • Interfaces with Windchill PDMLink® or INTRALINK®, Pro/INTRALINK 3.X Workspaces and Windows® local and network file systems
  • Cleans and standardizes PTC® Creo® Parametric® and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire® models for migration to Windchill
  • Parameters – Rename, Change Designation, Set, Copy and Delete
  • Layers – Rename, Create, Add to, Delete and Set Layer Display Status
  • Relations – Add, Remove and Verify
  • Family Tables – Add Column to Table and Verify Tables
  • Materials – Value Import and Delete
  • Supports selection of multiple models for processing
  • Creates interactive report and output file
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