ETRAGE PTC® Windchill® EasySearch™

Control and Streamline Access to Design Data

Companies have the need to provide their suppliers, purchasers or customers with immediate access to design files, while restricting them from accessing critical or confidential design data.

ETRAGE PTC Windchill EasySearch enables companies with the capability to provide a fast and optimized way of delivering the desired design data to customers, suppliers, purchasers. This access speeds the information flow through engineering, manufacturing and service.

In a business case like this, a company wants to provide users with an easy way to download secondary content or additional files directly from the WTParts and CAD objects, without the tedious digging through the options and menus.

ETRAGE PTC Windchill EasySearch will allow you to provide very simple, basic functionality to Windchill users who are used to working with standard Windchill objects.

ETRAGE PTC Windchill EasySearch provides:

  • Capability to view and download files that are added as secondary content or representation files (including generated additional files in Windchill) without the need to open the object information page
  • User access rights that are defined through Windchill context Roles and Windchill Profiles
  • Users to search for WTParts, WTDocuments or EPMDocuments using various search criteria
  • Allows for fast and simple download of files from EPMDocument that is the owner of the selected WTPart
  • Selected documents can easily be added to the Workspace
  • PTC® Creo® Parametric® models can be opened in Creo Parametric with a single click
  • Default model representation can be opened in CreoView with a single click
  • Limit user access to crucial design files
  • Windchill object type specific searches by WTParts, EPMDocuments, WTDocuments and more
  • Perform searches by lists using several search criteria

ETRAGE PTC Windchill EasySearch Benefits:

  • Enable easy access to suppliers, purchasers and other users without having to train them extensively on the differences between CAD assemblies, drawings or parts
  • The company can easily impose restrictions on actions performed by users on design data
  • Fast and clear overview of all design data – visual representations, secondary files, description on specification documents and more
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