ETRAGE WXML Universal Integrator™ for PTC® Windchill®

Today, your business is changing to meet ever-increasing market demands. With the expansion, growth and merging of companies, their products and services – data integration has become an extremely demanding and complex task.

Simplify this process and exceed expectations by integrating Windchill PLM with your enterprise systems using our integration software solution. ETRAGE WXML Universal Integrator for Windchill is a long-term strategic answer that can increase the value of product contents and processes for your business model. Good integrated business solutions start with PLM – coupled with ERP integration before the integration begins – can improve business process and performance. Achieve great results by using a reliable and effective solution that streamlines and automates integration activities. Reduce time-to-market and increase product reusability. Easily inter connect PLM with your enterprise systems.

Key Benefits:

• Design anywhere and share data between your company’s departments
• Create an effective automated environment that is fast and flexible
• BOM & Viewable transfer to enterprise systems (Lifecycle integration and attribute mappings)
• Facilitate rapid decision-making and track its results
• Increase productivity by streamlining dataflow between your company’s departments
• Gain value as a result of improving business processes

WXML Integration Platform Provides:

• Integrated enterprise PDM with enterprise systems to have effective exchange and streamlined dataflow
• Effective automated environment
• Increased productivity by streamlining dataflow between your company’s departments
• Reliable integration system, based on a robust infrastructure
• Value gain as a result of improving business processes

The solution communicates with an external ERP through Windows Transfer folder containing standardized XML transfer data files. It requires end-user company developers to build the functionality needed to import and export XML files to and from the ERP System

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