ETRAGE IFS® CAD Metadata Adapter™

Integrate design and manufacturing processes

Companies today have the need to integrate design and manufacturing and purchasing departments to reduce engineering costs, time waste caused by design errors, and generally improve the business processes in the enterprise. ETRAGE CAD Metadata Adapter provides real-time updates of BOM changes into the IFS ERP application, it streamlines data flow between the engineering, manufacturing and procurement departments. The software eliminates manual data entry or processes of large sets of data, speeds up inspection activities, and ensures that manufacturing and purchasing has access to the most up to date BOM inside the IFS.

Easily exchange part structure and metadata between Autodesk Inventor® and IFS through simple and intuitive UI

IFS CAD Metadata Adapter is designed to integrate Autodesk Inventor’s design with IFS ERP environments by facilitating bidirectional transfer of part structure and metadata such as Bill of Materials and iProperties. The solution is integrated in the CAD application user interface, providing to the users simplified, uninterrupted work, without the need to leave design environment when exchanging essential data to the IFS ERP system. By using IFS inventory part modules, CAD Metadata Adapter maps data from CAD world into the IFS world, uploading models to IFS, creating parts structure and BOM data.

Key features

  • Part Item transfer to IFS Inventory and Part Catalog Parts modules
  • Transfer Bill of Materials (MBOM) out of Autodesk Inventor assemblies into IFS Inventory Part product structure
  • Bidirectional exchange of metadata between Inventor iProperties and IFS data (part numbers generated for catalog and invetory parts)
  • Transactional transfer, with reliable retry mechanism in case of failure
  • Managing manufacturing information of inventory parts (purchased, manufactured, purchased(raw))
  • Observable in real-time. Fast and scalable. Database-portable
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