ETRAGE Announces the Release SmartPDF™, Drawing Notes Search™, EasySearch™ for PTC® Windchill® & Universal Integrator™ for PTC Windchill

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Waltham, MA – June 12, 2014 – ETRAGE LLC, The Systems Integration and Design Process Automation Company, today announced the release of several key solutions that target the PTC User Community – just in time for the PTC Live Global event, PTC’s prestigious yearly user event that attracts thousands of customers. ETRAGE over the years has been building solutions for PTC customers that are designed to help customer’s automate viewable file creation and management, integrate PTC Windchill with ERP, MRP, CRM & SharePoint systems and clean and migrate data for PTC Windchill. Bojan Rapaic, President of ETRAGE comments, “over the years we’ve gotten to know the customer community well. We understand their engineering requirements and can help them in solving complex problems with product and services at a very competitive price.”

ETRAGE offerings:

Windchill EasySearch application for PTC® Windchill® PDMLink® for CAD files and documents

  • Offers a customizable Windchill search mechanism providing various options by: name, number, context, and object type, from a text file list. These search fields can be easily enabled or disabled on the User Interface by a company administrator.
  • Through search results, users can list the files, gain access to the representation files, secondary content files such as PDF, DXF, STEP or IGES, open files in Creo, open files in CreoView, download files to a Workspace and use other Windchill operations.
  • Windchill EasySearch allows fast and simple access to representation files and secondary content files from a standard Windchill search result page or object list in the Windchill folder through the Action Menu or a right mouse button click.


  • Provides you with the ability to get the note text as an annotation each time a user hovers their mouse over the note symbol in the PDF.
  • The solution also provides the functionality of selecting section view call-out symbols and automatically changes the view of the drawing to the sheet and location of the related section view.
  • SmartPDF is an add-on to the ETRAGE Plot Service for PTC Windchill, which improves your viewing experience of the created PDF by adding Annotations and Zone References.

WXML Universal Integrator for PTC Windchill (WXML)

  • WXML automatically exports Bills-of-Material (BOM) metadata and viewable files from PTC Windchill PDMLink in structured XML and PDF format files to a Windows folder for transfer to the ERP application. The BOMs and PDFs are then read into ERP. WXML also automatically reads structured XML files from a Windows folder in which ERP provides requests for data extraction from Windchill. Besides BOM and PDFs, WXML also supports Change Requests transfers between Windchill and ERP.
  • WXML is targeted at those companies that look for an easy to deploy, out-of-the-box solution to integrate Windchill with ERP. Typically, companies already have in house ERP IT resources to export and import data to and from the ERP application. ETRAGE provides an affordable option to companies to integrate their ERP systems with Windchill.
  • ETRAGE’s Universal Windchill Integrator provides, real-time updates of BOMs and change requests into ERP, streamlines data flow between the engineering, manufacturing and purchasing departments, eliminates manual data entry or processes of large sets of data and insures that manufacturing and purchasing has access to the most up-to-date engineering data and drawings inside the ERP system.

“ETRAGE is at the forefront of the PLM to ERP integration. We deliver turn-key solutions to our customers using our flexible systems integration platform. After our successes with PTC Windchill PDMLink, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM and Autodesk Vault with IFS ERP integration, we are adding the flexible Universal Windchill Integrator with more PLM to ERP integrations to come”, commented Bojan Rapaic, President and Director of Development of ETRAGE LLC.

ETRAGE Drawing Notes Search application for PTC® Creo® Parametric® and PTC Windchill PDMLink

  • The Drawing Notes Search application provides companies with a simple, yet powerful method for managing notes that are on PTC Creo drawings and stored in Windchill PDMLink.
  • The Application provides an automatic method for capturing notes from Creo drawings and storing them in a database. Once in the database, notes content can be accessed with a Web-based interface by searching and selecting on a drawing name or number, note character string or drawing parameter or attribute. Notes can be sorted, filtered and reviewed. Drawings can be opened for editing from links in the application. Note lists can be exported to Excel or CSV formats.

All product development is done by ETRAGE and the company offers solutions for all CAD providers. If you are a PTC Customer and plan to attend the upcoming event: visit the ETRAGE booth, #506, at the PTC Live Global Conference, Boston, MA, June 15 to 18, or contact Ron Zabilski at 978.922.2012 for a consultation on how ETRAGE can help you free up your engineers design time today.

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