Data Migration

Enterprises are constantly seeking ways to improve their business. PLM presents one of the proven systems of developing enterprise businesses and improving product development and quality. Many successful companies are reaping the benefits of migrating early to a PLM system, as it usually has a high ROI.The CAD data represents the core of any PLM system, therefore it is necessary that the process of migration is planned and executed straightforward.
Control effortlessly all the content and processes that drive your company’s product development. Migrate your Creo CAD product data to Windchill PLM system using our  data migration software suite. Using Etrage Migration System solution, perform the migration of your CAD data to Windchill PLM in automated fashion, controlling every step of the process.

Use Windchill PLM to:

  • Improve engineering productivity and effectiveness
  • Streamline product development processes
  • Reduce development costs
  • Process automation
  • Drive conformity to corporate standards
  • Gain efficient collaboration
  • Reduce waste time – scrap and rework
  • Better manage a diffuse environment
  • Minimize the number of systems and databases
  • Lower the total cost of ownership and technology risk
  • Eliminate duplicate, out-of-date or incomplete data
  • Coordinate with downstream systems and users

Notably, the biggest risk in a migration process may be the risk of not doing the migration and running on old technology. Migration is a business development opportunity and the best way to gain a competitive edge on the market.

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