System Integration

Today, your business is changing to meet modern market demands. With expanding, reinventing or merging, data integration has become extremely complex task.

Meet your business needs by integrating your PLM and ERP product data using our Etrage Integration Server software. PLM and ERP integration is a long term strategic vision that can increase values of product contents and processes for the business model overall, if an overall business  Intelligence Software roadmap & business strategy are well defined. Good integrated business solutions start from the PLM-ERP integration before the integration with other business processes (SCM, CRM).

Use our Integration platform to:

  • Design anywhere and share data between your company’s departments.
  • Create effective automated environment.
  • Facilitate rapid decision making and track it’s results.
  • Integrate PLM and ERP systems to have effective exchange and streamlined flow of data.
  • Gain value as a result of improving business processes.
  • Have a reliable integration system, based on robust infrastructure.
  • Part item transfer to ERP (lifecycle integration and attribute mappings)
  • BoM & ECO transfer to ERP (lifecycle integration and attribute mappings)
  • Integrate change management processes (change requests transfer and synchronization)
  • Multi-organization part and BoM transfer(management of organization specific transfer parameters)
  • BoM difference analysis
  • ERP data access/viewing from within PLM
  • ERP part item transfer to PLM (what attributes need to be transferred)
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