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ETRAGE Migration Suite

Quickly load large quantities of diverse CAD data to Windchill

Migration of CAD data and related files is not effective without a migration strategy in place for realizing speed, flexibility and efficiency. With our ETRAGE Migration System (EMS), achieve speed, functionality and flexibility at a competitive price.

ETRAGE offers a fast and reliable way of migrating, uploading and checking-in large quantities of CAD data, CAD metadata and documents from a Windows file system into Windchill. ETRAGE Migration System validates against existing CAD files in Windchill and quickly identifies conflicts.

EMS features a simple and modern user interface, so that the process of uploading is done in a quick and efficient manner, and balances the use of tools with a proven migration methodology. Each migration process is unique just as customer data is unique. And with extensive experience in migration processes, ETRAGE is well positioned to help customers achieve success using the best tools and practices to migrate data.


  • Streamlines the process for uploading large quantities of files into Windchill PDMLink® and Windchill INTRALINK®
  • All Windchill versions are supported.
  • Uses a standard checkout/check-in process in Windchill using Authoring applications or PTC Windchill WGM.
  • The supported authoring applications are PTC® Creo® Parametric® from version 4 to 10, and  SolidWorks® and Inventor® drawings, assemblies and parts, AutoCAD® drawings and WTDocuments, and other CAD, upon request
  • For CAD objects other than Creo, the WGM application is used for uploading models. The Creo application is used for the migration of the Creo parts, assemblies, and drawings.
  • Interactive and batch processing
  • Load to Products, Libraries, or Projects
  • Validates against existing CAD files in Windchill
  • Verifies CAD revisions and identifies conflicts
  • Edit and update Windchill attributes
  • Migration of multiple versions of the same object is supported
  • Migration of assemblies and drawings with preserved As Stored dependency.
  • Can be used for creating reports about migrated objects and tracking the whole migration process.