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Windchill Remote Support


Windchill Remote Support is a fully managed application support and administration service offered by ETRAGE for customers using Windchill PLM. The Windchill environment runs in servers within the customer’s internal IT network. While the customer’s internal IT organization manages the core operating system and network of the Windchill servers, the ETRAGE team will manage all other aspects of the application and database. Customers are provided with application support with online call log tracking and managed response times based on priorities during normal business hours (8 hours per day, 5 days/week). This document defines the Basic Coverage and services commitment for this offering.


  • Startup Services
  • System Administration
  • Application Administration
    • Database Administration
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Monitoring
    • Security
    • Operating System Administration
    • Network Administration
  • Business Administration
    • Business Admin Support
    • Adding new lifecycle states
    • Adding new roles
    • Maintain existing workflows
    • Troubleshooting queue failures
    • Setup and configuration of replication rules
    • Indexing rules setup
    • Updates to OOTB revision series
    • Resource bundle updates
    • Object initialization rule updates
    • CAD Worker and Publishing scheduler configuration
    • Troubleshooting of access control issues
    • Business Change Governance
    • Windchill Software Updates
    • Maintenance Updates
    • Patches
  • Service Level Agreements
    • System Uptime
    • System Performance
    • Support hours and contacts (8 hrs/day, 5 days/week)