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ETRAGE Document Management System (DMS)

ETRAGE Document Management System (DMS) has comprehensive features for object storage and management, robust security measures with user permissions, and efficient collaboration, workflow and versioning capabilities. It offers a web-based representation of familiar look and feel similar to the Windows Explorer.

Object storage and management

The DMS is used to store, manage, and track electronic objects throughout an organization or business unit. It allows users to create, search, edit, delete, restore, and track all changes made to objects. The system utilizes a centralized database to store objects, which can only be accessed through the application’s user interface. Access is restricted to users who possess the necessary security permissions and can be performed from any computing device.

High security and user permissions

High security standards prohibit unauthorized access to the system and provide extremely strict document control. The security of the system is vital for the overall functioning of any organization. User permissions can be set based on specific team members’ needs and responsibilities. In addition, a user entity has the capability to belong to groups and sites and consequently obtain variable levels of authorization for individual objects based on the associated role entity. User permissions allow users to work with objects based on their role in the organization.

Collaboration and versioning

Workplace collaboration is enabled by a fully configurable system that allows the creation of review and approval workflows. Automated workflows provide total control over processes that make the entire business more efficient. The system also offers the creation of specific templates that can be applied to objects. Versioning allows download and recovery of important objects, minimizing potential damage. Intuitive search options allow users to find any object in the system. Search results are returned immediately. All actions performed on the object are logged and can be accessed through a detailed object’s history page, providing transparency and analytical data to increase team efficiency.

DMS Key Features:

  • Role-based security model
  • High security standards with strict document control
  • User permissions based on team member needs and responsibilities
  • Workflow-driven collaboration environment
  • Configurable document review and approval workflows
  • Email notifications based on specific actions
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Version control
  • Check-in/Check-out and locking documents
  • Object creation from templates
  • Versioning for downloading and recovering important objects
  • Detailed object history for transparency and analytical purposes
  • Look and feel similar of the Windows Explorer
  • Advanced search options and filters
  • Multiple format compatibility
  • Multi-select functionality
  • Windows-like context menu commands (Copy Link, Move, Delete, Download, and Rename)
  • Periodic review functionality
  • Detailed logs of activity (Object and Global History)
  • Paper-free operation in business