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ETRAGE IFS to Windchill Connector


ETRAGE provides a suite of products that allow integration of design and manufacturing processes with IFS ERP Applications.

IFS CAD Adapter supports for integration of PTC Windchill, Autodesk Vault, Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks software suites with the IFS ERP Applications.

Easily check-in your product data to IFS through simple and intuitive UI or automatically.

Easly facilitate transfer of part structure and metadata such as Bill of Materials (BOM), attributes and PDF drawings.

Key features:

  • Part Item transfer to IFS Inventory and Part Catalog Parts modules
  • Transfer Bill of Materials (MBOM) into IFS Inventory Part product structure
  • Metadata transfer to IFS data (part numbers generated for catalog and inventory parts)
  • Transfer of viewables such as PDFs to IFS Documents and Part structure
  • Transactional transfer, with reliable retry mechanism in case of failure
  • Managing manufacturing information of inventory parts (purchased, manufactured, purchased(raw))
  • Observable in real-time, fast and scalable.