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Take advantage of our eLearning to get training at your desktop and at your own schedule. This is a tremendously cost-effective way to provide standardized support for your employees.

Our easy-to-use interface provides a searchable course catalog of self-paced lessons with multiple learning styles. Lessons also use practice exercises to reinforce concepts. Students also have the ability to join workgroups with their colleagues to share content and questions.

Administrators – content is customizable, both in branding and content. Choose the appearance and modules for your students based on their requirements.

Email [email protected] for more information.

Global access
Standardize onboarding
Support employee development
Customize coursework and examples
Share content with a team
Track coursework complete
Assign deadlines
Train company standards
30%-80% Increase proficiency of users
50% Decrease in design time
30% Increase time to market