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Private Training

Select from our available modules to tailor-make a curriculum that works for your needs and objectives, or tap into our expertise so that we can pull from a variety of sources not typically offered to create a package that is truly specialized.

We will bring the training to your location – making it more convenient and giving the instructor a deep understanding of how you will use the software within your culture.

This option is particularly cost-effective and logical for large groups. It not only standardizes how each engineer and designer will use the software, but can be timed to coincide with an event such as new hire training, software upgrades, and changes in business direction.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

‘We were able to select from a broad range of curriculum to construct a plan that works for what WE needed to learn.’

‘What we liked the most was the instructor’s willingness to help and tailor the discussion to be relevant to our concerns and objectives.’

‘We benefitted from the flexibility in scheduling – we were able to work around our company’s deadlines and work load to ensure that our employees paced their learning in between their responsibilities.’